Sterling Home Inspections Adds Mold Testing to it's Services

Sterling Home Inspections is now available to perform mold testing as part of the home inspection process.  Home inspections can seem overwhelming as there is often a need to bring in multiple professionals in addition to the home inspection - inspections such as oil tank and septic systems. Now having mold and air samples taken doesn't mean additional trips, extra scheduling and a delay in the due diligence process.  Sterling Home Inspections is certified and ready to provide complete mold testing services right at the inspection.  Buyers can either include basic testing of the air as part of the inspection or testing can be added if mold or suspected mold are uncovered during the inspection.  Full reports are provided from a certified laboratory and I provide a full explanation of those reports, so that everyone involved understands the test results and what are the appropriate steps to take, if any are recommended

I do not provide remediation services so my interpretation of the testing results are not biased by a need to sell you additional services.  When mold testing is performed in conjunction with a home inspection I can provide a more complete picture of what has occurred in the home that has allowed mold to grow.

Sterling Home Inspections provides you with unbeatable knowledge and information about your home or future home, including inspections for wood destroying insects, radon, water quality and now mold. For additional in formation visit: