Home Inspection overview

My Home Inspection Report will be given to you within 24 hours of your inspection. The Home Inspection Report will give you a comprehensive understanding of your home and point out any visible defects that were seen on the day of the inspection. My only goal is to have a well informed client able to make a confident purchasing decision at the end of inspecting their future home.


Architectural Shingle Roof Installation
Beautiful Wood Shake Roof
Custom Copper Roof On Bay Window
Red Clay Tile Roof
Dark Grey Slate Roof

Roof Inspection Includes:

  • Report on the condition of the roof covering, missing shingles and signs of wear
  • Report on the condition of the flashings, valleys, skylights, vents and other roof penetrations
  • Report on the condition of the gutters, downspouts and overhangs
  • Report on any visible overall possible structural problems


Queen Ann Victorian Siding
Fieldstone Exterior Stone Siding
Wood Clapboard Siding
Craftsman Style House With Stucco Exterior
Contemporary Home With Wood Siding

Exterior Inspection Includes:

  • Report on overall condition of doors and windows
  • Inspect condition of decks, stoops, stairs, porches and railings
  • Report on overall condition of exterior siding, brick or insulated finishing systems (Eifs)
  • Inspect condition of weather stripping, caulking, exterior paints, stains and sealant


Unfinished Attic Space
Ductwork in Attic
Finished Attic Loft Space
Attic Pink Insulation

Attic/Eaves Inspection Includes:

  • Report on overall structural condition
  • Evaluate for ventilation and insulation
  • Check for any visible roof leaks or stains caused from leakage
  • Check for plumbing and electrical problems


Dark Wood Flooring
Classic Stair Railing
Door in Red Wall
Row of Large Windows

Interior Inspection Includes:

  • Report on condition and operation of doors, windows, screens
  • Inspect walls, ceilings, floors, shelving in closets
  • Report on any signs of moisture intrusion
  • Inspect working condition of appliances, kitchen cabinets
  • Inspect bathrooms for moisture problems, caulking, cabinets and overall condition
  • Report on overall condition of wood flooring and tile
  • Report on condition of vents
  • Report on any visible structural problems


Chrome Tub Faucet
Bathroom Pedestal Sinks
Multi Head Shower Setup
Plumbing Pipes
Vessel Sinks and Vanity

Plumbing Inspection Includes:

  • Observe main shutoff valve and supply line
  • Report on visible leaks in piping, traps and valves
  • Inspect visible drains, waste and vent systems
  • Evaluate function, flow & drainage of fixtures, faucets and drain stops
  • Inspect water heater and presence of temperature relief valve and venting
  • Inspect outdoor hose bibs and faucets
  • Inspect toilets, check for cracks, loose connections and malfunctioning tank filling systems
  • Inspect the sump pump, float, drain and automatic shut off function


Blue Boiler
Air Conditioning Condensers
Basement Furnace
Modern Thermostats

Heating / Cooling Inspection Includes:

  • Report on overall visible condition of Heat Pumps & Air Conditioners
  • Observe overflow pan and condition of condensation drain
  • Report on overall visible condition of duct work
  • Report on overall visible condition and type of heating system
  • Report on presence and condition of accessible furnace filter
  • Report on type of fuel supply
  • Observe condition of venting
  • Report on overall function of furnace, heat pumps and air conditioners


Compact Flourescent Light Bulb
Copper Wires
Electrical Meters
Electrical Panel
Electrical Wall Box

Electrical Inspection Includes:

  • Inspect the service line cables and main disconnect and report on conditions
  • Inspect the meter box
  • Inspect for proper grounding and bonding
  • Report on panel and service size and condition including breakers and fuses
  • Inspect condition of visible wiring and connectors
  • Inspect accessible receptacles, ground circuit interrupters and report on function, polarity and condition
  • Inspect visible active switches and light fixtures
  • Report on visible presence of solid conductor aluminum branch circuit wiring


Basement Crawlspace
Basement Foundation
Unfinished Basement
alt="Unfinished Basement with Window"
Finished Basement Media Room

Foundation / Basement / Crawl Space / Structure Inspection Includes:

  • Evaluate grading immediately adjacent to the house for proper drainage
  • Report on signs of soil erosion
  • Report on areas where siding is improperly in contact with grade
  • Report on visible or possible future damage caused by trees and shrubs
  • Report on water intrusion or wet areas
  • Report on structural issues in the foundation where visible


Large Stone Fireplace
Red Brick Chimney
Modern Fireplace
Living Room With Fireplace
Rock Chimney

Chimney and Fireplace Inspection Includes:

  • Inspect operation of damper in fireplace, if accessible and operable
  • Inspect Hearth extension and other permanently installed components
  • Report on visible areas in need of repair in firebox
  • Check clearance from combustible materials
  • Report condition of chimney, flue cap, crown and flashing
  • Report visible cracking in chimney bricks
  • Check for signs of deteriorating mortar


Modern Home
Stone Walkway
Landscaping Front House
Blacktop Driveway
Pool and Landscaping

Exterior Grounds Inspection Include:

  • Report on condition of driveway, sidewalks, retaining walls adjacent to home
  • Evaluate grading immediately adjacent to the house for proper drainage
  • Report on signs of soil erosion
  • Report on areas where siding is improperly in contact with grade
  • Report on visible or possible future damage caused by trees and shrubs


Wood and Metal Stair Railing
First Alert Smoke Detector
Garage Door Sensor
Carbon Monoxide Detector

Safety Issues Inspection Includes:

  • Report on absence of smoke detectors
  • Report on absence of carbon monoxide alarm systems
  • Report on electric garage door electronic sensors for proper function
  • Report on any loose steps or railings
  • Report on and basement egress issues

Located in Westchester NY, Sterling Home Inspections combines experience, high tech instruments and great service to give you a quality home inspection. A home inspection is intended to assist in evaluation of the overall condition of the dwelling. The inspection is based on observation of the visible and apparent condition of the structure and its components on the date of the inspection and not the determination of future conditions. A home inspection is intended to reduce your liability but not eliminate it completely.