Is My Range In Danger Of Tipping Over?

The answer is it might be if its not properly fastened in place.  Say what now? I didn’t know my range needed to be fastened in place.  Unfortunately, in most cases neither did the installer.  Anti-Tip brackets come with every range, but most are thrown away without being installed.  But don’t worry if your range […] writer taps Sterling Home Inspections for input on article about “7 Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew”. Article “7 Things Your Home Inspector Wishes You Knew”

7 Things Your Inspector Wishes you Knew

So You’re Having Your Home Inspected – How to Prepare

One of the steps in the home selling process is having your home inspected by someone the seller has chosen.  The Home inspection is important to both the buyer and the seller, but to the seller it represents another hurdle to getting the contracts signed.   As an inspector I take people on tours of the […]

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Ice Dams – Can They Be Prevented?

  During snowy winters, many northern homes are plagued by ice dams. If your house suffers from wet ceilings during the winter, you may be ready to call up a contractor. Be careful, though: since most contractors don’t understand the causes of ice dams, they often suggest the wrong solution. Ice dams form when a […]

Well Water Testing In Westchester NY

Sterling Home Inspections can help you make sure your drinking water is safe.  Full water testing services are offered in Westchester NY.

Don’t Over Do It With The Humidifier

As we enter the cold and snow filled season of winter here in New York I would like to take a brief moment and help educate you on the importance of monitoring and adjusting your humidity levels inside the home. I was recently in a home in South Salem where I noticed the drywall seams […]

Carbon Monoxide Detector Placement – Do’s and Don’ts

Now that winter is here, the widows are closed for the duration and the furnace is set on high its time to make sure our carbon monoxide detectors are working and placed correctly to save us in the event of an emergency. Every fuel-burning appliance in your home, including a gas furnace, produces some levels […]

Do Programable Thermostats Really Save Money?

Programmable thermostats save you money. That’s a no-brainer, right? You’ve seen that advice in books and magazines and on personal-finance blogs — even heard it from me Well, it turns out programmable thermostats aren’t the miracle device we’ve believed all along. In fact, sometimes using a programmable thermostat costs more than not having one at […]

Why is My Water Heater Leaking?

Have you taken a look at your water heater recently? They typically sit in our basements, and we really don’t think about them for years until one day you find them leaking, or worse, spilling gallons of water on the floor. There are a few maintenance tips I give home buyers during an inspection that […]

How Long Do You Think MY Roof Will Last?

One of the most common things a buyer wants to know about the house is, “How old is the roof.”  This is code for, “How much longer will the roof last.”

How Can I Reduce Home Energy Costs?

24 INEXPENSIVE IDEAS TO REDUCE YOUR HOMES ENERGY COSTS INCLUDING LINKS TO ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. (Please see links at the bottom of this page.) 1. Check all exterior door seals: if you have an attached garage be sure to check the seals at this door as well. 2. Check all windows for air leaks. 3. Check […]

The Real Truth About Mold And Bleach

The Real Truth About Mold and Bleach

Holmes Inspections: Don’t Believe Everything You See On TV

Holmes Inspections: Don’t Believe Everything You See On TV