Spring is the time to go out and evaluate how much work it is going to take to fix what the winter did.  There is so much to look at.  Is there any roof damage?  What about the siding?  And then there’s the real time consumer; the landscaping.

It is important to keep the landscaping under control.  Trees that are planted too close to the house need to be kept trimmed away from the roof and overhang.  The constant movement of the branches on the shingles can wear away the exterior coating of the shingle which is what makes the shingle weather resistant.  Premature wear can cause premature failure.

Decorative bushes and shrubs require attention as well.  Allowing the shrub’s branches to contact the siding can cause damage.  The branches can grow beneath the siding and actually pull the siding off the house.  This also creates a nice entry way for insects to get in your home.

Ivy and creeping ground covers are also a place to focus some attention.  Ivy that is growing on the side of the house may look good to some people, but it can be very destructive.  The ivy attaches to the house by penetrating the mortar in brick work and by grabbing under the siding.  Eventually it can pull the siding off the home and deteriorate the mortar.  I recommend careful removal of Ivy on the house.  Ground cover that gets out of control has the same damaging effects.  Keep it under control.

Another concern in the spring is wasp or hornet nests.  They seem to be built over night.   While they don’t seem to cause extensive damage, there is the danger of being attacked by the wasps or hornets.  This is extremely dangerous if you are allergic to the venom.  A single sting for someone with an allergy can cause Anaphylactic Shock.  And that is not fun!  Be careful or call a professional.

If you have any questions on the topics covered today, please feel free to call.  I am always happy to “talk house”!

By Alan Singer Owner of Sterling Home Inspections located in Armonk NY.